Top 7 Metabolic Training Exercises for Fat Loss

Metabolic is a new that is all the rage. The key to this training method lies in the exercises that you choose. So, lets go over the top 7 metabolic training exercises for fat loss:

Exercise #1 and #2: Clap and Pullups

Basic pushups and pullups train a large part of your body. However, with metabolic training we want to choose movements that involve generating a lot of power. So, we’re going to stick to pullups, but switch up pushups with clap pushups.

Here’s what the combo drill looks like:

A great way to perform this routine is to use a timed set. Start off with performing as many repetitions as you can in 30 seconds, and gradually build up to a 2 minute drill. This drill will build great mass, and help you burn fat do to the high metabolic cost of the routine.

If you are tall, then do not jump into the pullup. You want to use full range of motion. I personally do jump onto the pullup bar because I’m a short guy. However, I try not to use the momentum from the jump when pulling myself up.

This combination is also better then doing a set of pushups and then a set of pullups. Why? Because while you do pullups, you give your chest muscles a rest, and while you do pushups, you give your back muscles a rest.

This allows you to complete more repetitions without getting fatigued.

But remember, you MUST do this combo for maximum speed. If this routine starts to get too easy, increase the time of your interval, or start wearing a weighted vest.

Exercise #3: Sprints

What is the to reduce belly fat? Well, it’s not an abdominal movement, it’s actually sprints. Look at any athlete that sprints as part of their training, and you will notice one thin in common: they have a really tight stomach.

If you’re using a bike or anything else for your , switch over to sprints and you will notice more off your belly.

Exercise #4: Inverted Row w/ Narrow Grip

You do not need any weights to perform this amazing biceps-builder exercise! The inverted row w/ narrow grip will help target your upper back, and increase the size of your arms, all in one simple movement:

The key to training your biceps is to place your hands close together. This works because you can not continue the movement after your biceps get tired. In other curling type movements, you end up cheating once the biceps get tired.

Two main points with this movement: 1) Squeeze the biceps hard at the top, and 2) Go full range of motion. This means that your hands must touch your chest in all reps. The moment you can not go full range of motion, stop performing the exercise.

Exercise #5: Squat Jump

The squat jump is a great movement. It helps build lower body strength and gives you the explosive edge. However, most people put a barbell over their upper backs, which can make the movement dangerous.

A better option is to perform them with a medicine ball:

The reason why holding a barbell across your upper back is that it places greater stress on your shoulder as you jump up, where it’s all ready in an uncompromising position. Holding dumbbells by your sides isn’t much better either.

The best way to perform weighted squats is to hold a heavy medicine ball tightly against your chest. This allows you to keep the stress off your shoulders and still be able to explode with maximum acceleration.

This is a tough movement, so always start off with a lighter weight then you think you can handle. Build your strength up and lose fat.

Exercise #6: One-arm Chest Press w/ Rotation

My girlfriend loves my chest. She can’t stop touching it. How did I build it? I do a lot of Kettlebell chest presses! Now, to make this movement even tougher, you’re going to add a little twist at the top:

As you can see, this movement is not only going to train your chest, but also your hips and abs! Now my girlfriend will love my abs and butt!

You can use Kettlebells or dumbbells for this movement, but I prefer Kettlebells.

Exercise #7: Pushups w/ Knee Tuck

Placing your feet on top of a in itself is tough. But, what if you add in a pushup and a knee tuck? This combination movement gives you a great abdominal and chest workout:

Do not attempt this movement if you can not do at least 20 good, solid pushups. If you can do 20 pushups, then you will have the abdominal strength to place your feet on a ball without falling sideways.

As you probably notices all of these movements are super unique, and from a guy named Chad Waterbury. Chad has created an entire routine out of the concept of Metabolic Training. I highly recommend checking out his 12-week fitness regiment here ===>>>

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