What is the Otter-mode Physique and How to Get It


The otter-mode body type is a combination of an extremely skinny yet muscular the likes of Brad Pitt (from fight club) and Taylor Lautner. This is the new trend in fitness, in contrast from the big and jacked physiques made popular by Arnold and Stallone.

Why is it called otter-mode?

I have no clue why they call this body type otter-mode. However, I would compare “otter-mode” to the “chocolate” physique popular in South Korea. Korean women generally feel the typical bodybuilder physique is intimidating, so they go for “otter-mode” or “chocolate.”

Should you get an otter-mode body?

Of course, why not? There are plenty lean, ripped guys who bodybuilders would consider scrawny such as , Brad Pitt, and Taylor Lautner.

How do I get an otter-mode body?

Browsing forums and blogs, it seems like the majority of individuals are following this path in their quest for an ottermode physique:

  • Do high-rep ab moves
  • Lots of cardio
  • Under eat severely – perhaps close to a 1000 calorie deficit
  • Train chest – most likely push ups will be enough
  • Pump your arms, but not too much
  • Don’t train anything else

This is NOT the right way to get .

The TRUTH is that regardless of the type of physique you want to achieve, you must understand the basics of body transformation.

There are a series of videos that you need to watch. They are from , and are essential before embarking on any sort of fitness journey.

The first video lays out the basics of beginner foundations:

Key points:

  • Develop your entire body equally before focusing on any lagging groups or weak points
  • Each lifter will respond to exercises differently based on their individual genetics and preferences
  • Each muscle group plays a role in bringing together a well-developed aesthetic body
  • Focusing only on a few muscle groups will also lead to muscle imbalances and injuries
  • Learn all the basics of eating right and right.
  • After 6 months of consistent proper training, then you can begin to isolate weak points and lagging muscle groups.


Nearly all the individuals that you see with an Ottermode physique, or any other type of physique you desire at once began where you are now. Some may have needed to while others needed to .

Sean Nalewanyj addresses this very issue:

Key Points:

  • You must believe 100% that if you follow the process, you will achieve your goals.
  • The people that you see who are in shape went through the process and put in the time to get where they are now.
  • We all have the same potential for success.


Once we’ve laid out these facts, let’s get into the biggest people make on their journey to build a solid physique:

7 Mistakes:

  • Overly aggressive dreamer bulk – having the dream of getting as big as possible, trying to consume massive calories, following an intense program which eventually leads to burnout
  • Not Respecting Joints – using various intensity techniques on a regular basis can lead to joint and overuse issues which may follow you for life.
  • Being overly concerned with small details – specifically, nutrition ideas such as nutritional timing and considered “broscience” which aren’t absolutely necessary to build muscle
  • Not focusing on big picture – focusing too much on specific “bodybuilding foods” and not focusing on looking at the overall macro and micro nutrients
  • Using too many supplements – most are useless and not necessary to make effective gains. Most beginners won’t need any specific supplements to see noticeable gains
  • Being Too Gullible – most “experts” aren’t truly experts, especially with the blow up of the internet and YouTube
  • Taking Things too seriously – taking things to an extreme will cause you to be overstressed and disrupt your life balance. Only a few hours of training and reasonable nutrition is all you need to build a good body




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