Aesthetics vs Performance: What Should You Train For?


Many trainees wonder whether they should train for performance or aesthetics. This question is in their minds because many trainers tell people to just for performance, to completely forget aesthetics, isolation exercises, and some of them even tell their not to perform , as weight training is enough to burn fat. Other trainers, tell you to do only routines, full of isolation , and tell you how dangerous it is to lift heavy . There are another kind of trainers who only care about being brainless big, big and big, those also tell you to avoid cardio because they say it will take away your muscle gains.

In truth, is about aesthetics, performance, gains (just enough for your frame) good physical conditioning and flexibility. You can easily train for both performance and aesthetics. Some trainers try to make you feel ashamed of just wanting to train to look good. Well, the majority of trainees simply want to have a good looking body, so if that’s your goal you should go for it. If you just want to look good, why should you also train for performance?

Lifting heavy weights, always with proper technique, will make you stronger, will increase bone density, that’s something you’ll apreciate in your older years. Being strong and fit will allow you to do many things that someone unfit couldn’t. Better health always means better quality of Life, and that includes your sexual Life too.

Steady state cardio is often used for aestheticswhile interval training is often used for to enhance athletic performance. Here are some reasons why you should combine the two:

1. Burn more fat faster
2. Improve speed and endurance
3. Lower and triglyceride levels
4. Improve blood circulation
5. Increased quality of life

Eat clean; I shouldn’t need to say this, but exercise alone won’t do. Increase your protein and fat intake. Eat veggies and fruit, drink a lot of water everyday. Reduce carbs and saturated fats.

Full body compound workouts are great starting points, but isolation exercises help correct some imbalances and strengthen specific lagging muscle groups.
The best exercise for both mass gain and strength for the shoulders is the shoulder press. However, it’s very common to see trainees with unbalanced shoulders, big anterior delts and small posterior delts, which occurs in part because trainees usually do lots of chest presses and very few rows and chins.

From time to time train with a split routine, to focus more on even development, just keep training heavy, and you’ll have all covered, if your body is balanced it will look better, perform better, and it will be more safe from injuries. It is wiser to train for all aspects of fitness, which will give you a more .

Above all do what’s best for your health needs. Do not let someone else choose your goals for you.

Do not simply exist, conquer!

– Parth


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