Why the “300” Methods Work and How you can use them in Your Own Training.

I just saw the move “300” last week. I know, I know. Why so late? First of all, I’m not big watcher of Hollywood films. I only watch them if I find something extremely interesting or if I’m out with a good group of friends I haven’t seen in a while. I expected the whole “300 Workout” craze and what not. Everyone from Mens Health to Youtubers developed their own versions of the workout and branded it as THE method to producing a ripped .

Let me just say first of all that I personally was not very impressed with the 300 physique. They all just looked like models to me. They were not really that big, just extremely ripped. And if you think about it, you had 57 stuntmen as part of the cast. Stuntmen are generally supposed to be in good shape already. In addition, Mr. Gerard Butler was already a pretty big guy. So why were people making such a big fuss about some insane transformation? Marketing.

One look at the GymJones website and you’ve got your answer to the secret “300” method: “The typical interviewer wants to know about the “magic” the cast did to make them look so good. Some were disappointed to learn that hard work is magic, while others marveled – as did we some days – that the actors would work so hard.”

Hence, there was no “magic” workout. The GymJones training system is simply a darker version of the CrossFit methodology. Mark Twight is actually a crossfit certified trainer. He was an affiliate for a while until he began twisting the methodology into what he saw fit.

The basic of both Crossfit and GymJones can be summarized by the following quote: “I have read that it was all CGI, make-up, steroids, etc. However, no one has come right out and said, “those guys worked really hard and had the self-discipline to control what they put into their mouths.””

Crossfit and “300” Principles:

The following are the basic principles behind the crossfit methodology:

  1. Perform that train the whole-body.
  2. Train to improve your technique first, then progress with weights.
  3. Build Cardiovascular fitness using High-Intensity Interval Training
  4. Vary your and methods at each workout. constantly and keep things random.
  5. Train intensely and strive to complete each workout as quickly as possible. Crossfit workouts generally don’t last more than 30 minutes.

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