Workout Plans for Men to Build Muscle

As a man, you not only want to build but you also want to be fit at all times. While beauty is associated with women, men also mind about their looks. One thing that affects how men look is whether they or not. You can easily differentiate between a man who works out and one who does not. If you want to build muscles, it’s, therefore, very important to have a to follow. Thankfully, you can easily create a plan that suits you. But how can you go about this?

When creating a workout plan, it’s very important to focus on various parts of your body. For instance, start by dividing your body into different parts; the upper, middle, and lower sections. The upper part of the body generally consists of the arms and the chest while the lower parts focus on the legs and thighs. Planning for these areas differently will ensure that you achieve your goal of building muscles. This means you will choose individual workouts to target a particular body part each session. You can always start by training the biceps and the chest before moving on to abs, legs, and thighs the next day.

While working out, it’s also important to take some time and rest. When it comes to building muscles rest is very important in making useful and great. If you do not rest, you are basically injuring your body and you are interfering with all the gains that you might have made during the workout process. As much as you are working out, it’s very important to alternative with resting days. More so, paying attention to your diet and nutrition will also ensure that you achieve your purpose. Doing exercise without eating well will just result in poor healthy. More so, if you want to fast, you should use the best multivitamin for building. Here are the top 5 workout plans or men to build muscles

1. Dumbbell Clean Press

Clean and Press

This is one of the oldest exercises for . With this movement, you need to do 12 reps with a pair of dumbbells. If you can do this, you will build your muscles very fast. It’s actually one of the best exercises to build shoulder muscles.

2. 1 Arm Dumbbell Row

When it comes to building up your upper lats and back, this is the . You can do this strictly with a motion while allowing your weight to drift forward slightly then pulling it towards your hips.

If you are more advanced, do it with a slight cheat. In your first two years of training, you should focus on a moderate weights with controlled movement.

Because some people normally go for heavy rows, they cannot feel their lat muscles working. If you cannot carry the weight for at least one minute then it means it’s too heavy and you cannot use it. Ensure that you lighten the weight and emphasize on squeezing the muscles as hard as you can throughout the session. This will ensure that you build your back much more effectively.

3. Farmers walk

As part of workout, carrying something heavy is very important. There is just something manly about carrying heavy objects.

To perform a farmer’s walk, you need to pick a heavy pair of kettlebells and dumbbells for at least one minute. You can also use a special apparatus found in some gyms. This is actually one of the best grip workouts that you can do if you really want to build big muscles.

As a matter of fact, many people find farmer’s walk much more effective as compared any type of calf raise. If you do this exercise well you will also greatly improve the stability of the knees and the ankle.

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4. 1 Leg Romanian Deadlift

This exercise simply involves picking up heavy weight. This kind of movement is very important especially if you want to build your traps, neck, shoulders, lats, mid back, quads, hamstrings, forearms, and the whole midsection.

Powerlifters all have huge backs and traps because of the deadlift. Instead of doing the conventional barbell deadlifts, you should focus on one leg Romanian deadlift. While you can do them with a barbell, it’s advisable that you start with a single kettlebell or dumbbell. Just go slow and maintain a very strict form so as to control your movement well.

5. Goblet Squats

This is the best exercise to build up your . However, this does not mean that you only need to concentrate on this exercise. As a beginner, all you need to perform a goblet squat with is a kettlebell or dumbbell.

You need to spend the time needed in order to build the necessary strength to squat properly. Although it’s not fun, you have to do it if you want to develop a strong lower body.

While doing this, stretch well and mobilize your calves, ankles, hips, glutes and hamstrings without getting hurt. To avoid getting hurt, you should not go too heavy as this can make you loose form and put you at risk of injury.

6. Sled Pushing and Dragging

This is not the normal dumbbell or barbell movement. However, the fact remains you are using weights. If you want to build muscles fast, sled work can help you to build leg strength and size as well.

If you look at the quads of a speed skater you will realize that quads are good with volume. The good thing about sleds is that it does not have eccentric component. The best thing to do is to pile on the frequency and the volume so that your legs can grow without your recovery getting hurt.



There are many benefits that usually come with engaging in physical activity. From building your muscles to preventing any risk of being affected a chronic disease, good workout plans are a must for all men.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the best workout plans include press, 1 arm dumbbell; row, farmers walk, 1 leg Romanian deadlift, goblet squats, sled pushing and dragging. Also, you need to use the best multivitamin for building a strong body.

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